Mr. Sujit Singh

( Director)

Our Director Mr Sujit Singh has the extraordinary Talent of running the business in a such a way that every business runs in a smooth and better way.

How Did We Start?

What started as a dream, has resulted in becoming the most promising and distinguished IT organization in Asansol, West Bengal in November, 2021. The idea of kick starting an IT hub was first weaved by one of our core founder Mr. Sujit Singh  , which was further encouraged and appreciated by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Burnwal, another integral founder of our company. Together they molded their dreams into reality with the help, support and guidance of Mr.Ranjit Singh, Mr. Shankha Chowdhury, and Mrs. Riya Bouri and succeeded through their hard work, sheer determination, industrial experience, and strong teamwork.

Our Core Values

We are an It Company that helps each and every business to grow and also to achieve what they want by understanding the the business requirement. Softech Solution provides support in all aspect of business so that the customer get what they want. Our Main Motive is to see that all are customers are happy with us. We provide all kinds of solution so that the customers gets the required stuff. We try to build a long term relationship with the client. We see to that all our customer are satisfied and get the right service and also provide customer satisfaction.

Our Employee

-Our Senior Business Analyst Ms Riya Bouri Looks After the Sales of the Company and brings new customesr by providing them with the information and benefit that they would get from us.
Sanjeev Kumar Burnwal
( Director)
- Our Administration Head Sanjeev Kumar Burnwal leads the administration process and seeks to all the new procees that comes into the company and also takes care of it.
Sujit Singh
( Director)
- Our Project Manager Mr Shankha Chowdhury leads the Projects and Closes the Projects of the Company and also makes customers satisfaction by providing them the exact requirement that they want . So that they customers are happy with us.
Shankha Chowdhury
( Project Manager)
- Our Associate Director Mr Ranjit Singh works and deliberately handled all the situation and also handled the problems of all employees
Amit Kumar Ghosh
( Director)
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Nishant Chakarborty
( Associate Developer)

What Our Clients Say

Who Are We?

As a globally trusted name in the domain IT solutions, we began our journey towards offering digital marketing solution to clients all across the world including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and India. We form a robust partnership with our valuable clients. Our sheer expertise lies in connecting the businesses to their potential clients.